Production of products from hard metals, metalworking cutting inserts, crown bits, special-purpose cutters.
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Items for wire-drawing
Calibrating bush
Die billets for wiredrawing and bardrawing of circular section
Die billets for pipedrawing of circular section
Die billets for hex-nut bardrawing

Drawproduction requires exclusive precision and permanent to demention of outstretched materials and high dirability of a drawing tool. Olny a high-capacity tool which can work for a long time without practically noticeable deterioration with high and low speed of drawing, usual temperature and hot drawing, dry film lubrication, light and heavy reduction can give these qualities.

Accuracy requirement of size, high quality of a surface and high mechanical properties of an outstretched material, minimal power consumption, high resistance of a tool, high efectiveness of equipment and low metal waste while drawing, low drawing production value: wires, bars, pipes are accomplished with properties and geometric properties of drawing tools.

This drawing tool which is modern, effective, profitable is dies made of hard alloys. Dies with billets made of hard alloys dozen times and sometimes hundred times are more stable than steel dies, and several times cheaper than d

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