Production of products from hard metals, metalworking cutting inserts, crown bits, special-purpose cutters.
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Inserts for cutters
Type 01, 02, 61, 62
Tips for cutting (SSS 25395-90)
Type 06, 66
Tips for undercutting and boring of the dead holes (SSS 25397-90)
Type 07, 67
Tips for undercutting and boring cutters (SSS 25426-90)
Type 09
Tips for automated cutters (SSS 25402-90)
Type 10, 70
Tips for straight and boring cutters (SSS 25396-90)
Type 11
Tips for normal and screw cutters (SSS 25398-90)
Type 13 (versions 1 and 2)
Tips for cutters (SSS 17163-90)
Type 15
Tips for shaped cutters and for cutters of grooves processing such as "dove-tail" (SSS 25404-90)
Type 16
Tips for fluting and stripping cutters (SSS 25405-90)
Type 18
Tips for circle-edges cutters (SSS 25407-90)
Type 23
Tips for automatic cutters (SSS 25401-90)
Type 32
Tips for cutters for cutting-off of the grooves in pulleys for wedge belts (SSS 25412-90)
Type 43
Tips for cutters for chute making (SSS 25419-90)
Type 44
Tips for edge cutters (SSS 25420-90)
Type 47
Tips for turning bulkhead and cutters for longitudinal-shaped turning machines (SSS 25421-90)
Type 48
Tips for cutters of trapezoidal threads (SSS 25422-90)
Type 51
Tips for cutters and gland rings (SSS 20312-90)

SSS means russian State Standart Specification. The presence of SSS implies the state certification of this item.

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